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SIRIO ALIBERTI was established in 1953, producing pressure tanks and tanks for the wine­making sector. In the old factory at Canelli, the company grew thanks to the entrepreneurial ability first of its founder and then of his daughter Elda, becoming the leading name in the sector.
In January 1992, the company moved to the new factory at Calamandrana, where state of the art plants allow the requirements of the market in the various sectors to be met more and more closely.

lnaugurated in 1992, the modern SIRIO ALIBERTI facility occupies an area of 22,000 square metres, 2400 of this used for production. The confortable offices and the production shops are the concrete reflection of the principles of efficiency and quality work.

The use of the lastest production technologies, the staff's professional training, the backup of computer systems and constant dedication to research are common denominators of all the SIRIO ALIBERTI company processes.
The production process, with scrupulous care taken over phase, was originally shaped by highly skilled craftsmen and has gradually been perfected with the adoption of state of the art technologies to guarantee absolutely reliable products. Pressure tanks undergo rigorous controls by the l.S.PE.S.L. (the ltalian lnstitute for Safety in the Workplace), with X-ray checks on welds and a hydraulic test at pressure. The result is a complete range of specialised, certified products.

In over 40 years SIRIO ALIBERTI has worked with many companies of ali sizes constructing products made to measure, installed all over Italy and Europe.

"Since 1953, our own history"

The Company provides each Customer with not just a product, but a complete service including: verification of requirements, design, installation and overall after-sales consulting.

-Pressure tanks: for the wine industry and for any other sector where highly technological and safe industrial containers are required: chemical, food and pharmaceutical sectors.

-INOX tanks: the production range comprises thermally conditioned storage tanks of stainless steel designed and built according to the specific requirements of the customer.
-Vinification: In particular the experience in the wine sector brought to the development of a wide range of wine makers that combine state-of-the-art technology with respect for natural fermentation processes. The wine makers are available in horizontal and vertical versions. Customisation is developed and carried out according to the specific needs.